What Does it Mean to Live an Inspired Life?

Inspired Life

Dear Friend in Spirit,

This Sunday, June 24th join us at The Center for Spiritual Living DC as we come together once again to ground ourselves in the Spiritual Truths that we know will uplift not only our own consciousness but the overall consciousness in the Nation’s capital!




Rev. Michele Synegal


This Sunday, we shall receive an ENCOURAGEMENT from Rev. Michele Synegal.


“What Does it Mean to Live an Inspired Life?
We all need inspiration in our lives, but too often we live uninspired lives. Why?
Lack of inspiration happens when we are too tired. As a result,we lack the energy to put thought into our visions, dreams and goals.
Lack of inspiration happens when we are too busy. As a result, we lack the time to think about the lives we wish to create.
I believe that deep down inside, most people want to live lives that have meaning, purpose and, lives that matter.” ~Rev. Michele

This Sunday, Rev. Michele will explore what it means to live inspired lives and provide ideas for doing so.

You are cordially invited to hear an ENCOURAGEMENT on this topic from a SPIRITUAL not RELIGIOUS perspective.





Deletta Gillespie


With MUSIC by Deletta Gillespie.










power talk


Terry Oliver



With a POWER TALK by Terry Oliver.









Prayer Works


Ready to recommit to a New level of Prayer?
Prayers (one minute miracles) with any of our Licensed Practitioners.
Remember, your prayer requests can be made several ways:
1. In person to any of the Practitioners at service
2. Submitted via our website https://csldc.org/prayer-requests/
3. Via email to any specific practitioners or the whole of the Practitioner Core prayer@CSLDC.org
4. You can also write your request on one of the prayer request slips at service!


Plan ahead


Mastermind Group!
Saturdays from 3-5 p.m.


Circle group


All are welcome! No charge.
Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose. The book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill has all the details about the power of the mastermind. You can read it if you like but it’s not necessary. You can get the book online in PDF form for free— this is an essential read for all working with the Law of Attraction.

River Float Gathering THIS Saturday June 23rd!!
A Day of River Floating, Fun, Fellowship, and Food
This means there is still plenty of time to sign up!!
Contact Betty Amos for more information and to sign up to attend!


WOLA - Advocacy for Human Rights in the Americas


Looking for ways to get involved in change for the better?
A message from WOLA,
Right now, more and more families are being torn apart at the U.S.-Mexico Border. We cannot afford to stay silent. Here are five ways you can stop this administration’s hateful policies.

First, SHARE THIS EMAIL. Print it out. Forward it far and wide. Follow WOLA on Facebook and Twitter and share our posts. The only way we will stop Trump’s cruelty is by our constant, loud action.

1. Call the White House: (202) 456-1111
Tell President Trump to end the “zero tolerance” policy that is separating children and families and undermining the right to asylum. Trump could stop this policy, right now. Instead, he is using the mass suffering of violence-fleeing migrants as leverage to move forward a hardline, anti-immigrant agenda. Children and families are paying the price.

2. Call Congress: (202) 224-3121
Tell your Member of Congress to vote ‘no’ on legislation that trades family separation for family incarceration. Any deal that uses children as bargaining chips is unacceptable. Read more here on bills up for a vote this week in the House of Representatives. Instead, tell your Senator or Representative to cosponsor the “Keep Families Together Act,” S. 3036 and a corresponding House version to be introduced this week, which would make it illegal to separate families.

3. Speak out against detention facilities that are in your area:
Kids are being held at facilities around the country. Are you near one? Demand to know what’s happening there. Constant, vocal, and visible outrage is critical right now. That’s what the media covers. Make sure they see that we will not stop fighting.

4. Get educated:
This week, WOLA experts Maureen Meyer and Adam Isacson are on the ground in Yuma and Nogales, Arizona—a part of the U.S.-Mexico border that has seen a significant increase in apprehensions of families and unaccompanied children but has received less visibility than south Texas.

Follow along with Adam and Maureen on Twitter as they investigate the human impact of the “zero tolerance” policy, family separation, and turnbacks at the ports of entry, and as they meet with partners on the ground assisting asylum seekers and migrants. Share what they post.

5. Donate to WOLA and share WOLA’s fundraising campaign on Facebook:
Donate now to help WOLA stop the inhumane practices of separating families and incarcerating asylum seekers, and to halt the Trump administration’s assault on migrants and asylum seekers.

Spread the word about how your friends and family can help during this critical time by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

WOLA is a human rights and advocacy organization in Washington with over 40 years of experience working in the region and in Congress to advance human rights in the Americas. Our web site is full of reliable information about asylum seekers, refugees, immigrants and more. Click here to read more.





Join us for our Sunday meditation (10 a.m.) and service (11 a.m.) both are at 7059 Blair Rd, NW.
Youth programs for ages 4-17 are available during the service.!
All are welcome
Cariños, Your CSLDC Family


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