Vision for our Future

Vision for our Future


Dear Friend in Spirit –

This past Sunday community members joined together to vision for our future. The above drawing reflects the “download” received by DeAnna Nara. Practitioner Joshua Payne summarized other downloads:

I found the visioning opening, and feeling into the potentiality as a Center and individually. I invited participants to write their answers on paper and I will put them together in a scrapbook, and continue the practice with each session forward. The VISIONING book will sit on a table outside of service during services.

There were a few pictures and ideas that came forth that I’d thought I’d share for you to bring into your meditations (feel free to add to it)
Highest Vision: A tree, as a symbol (tree of life)
A CSL DC community center, where beyond service on Sundays there’s yoga, a wellness studio, etc

We release: limitation/ fear
We embrace:
(this one sparked a good conversation afterward as it came through a few) Value and identity — as in What is the value of CSL DC? or What are the values of CSL DC? What is the identity of CSL DC?

These I feel are the seeds of the beginning to rebirth a Vision and Mission statement and great questions to bring into a contemplative meditation.

This Sunday we’ll hear a talk from Life Coach and Leadership Council Member Mary D’Amato. She’ll speak about gratitude as an experience. With music by Teporah!

We meditate before service from 10 – 10:45. All are welcome!

On Sundays we are at the Hyatt Place Hotel, located a few blocks behind the giant honeycomb building that is the Museum of the American Indian. The address is 400 E Street, SW. Metro: L’Enfant Plaza or Federal Center Southwest.

Street parking is free on Sundays in DC.

Can’t make it on Sundays? Our Saturday Mastermind Group in Takoma DC is deeply uplifting and we would love to have you with us.

We meet from 3-5 p.m. every Saturday at the Landis Building, at 7059 Blair Rd NW, directly behind the Takoma metro stop. Free parking Saturdays.

Save the Date! Our holiday party this year will be after service on Sunday, December 16.




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