Spiritual Living in DC

Foundational class started last SATURDAY! Are you ready to develop a new concept of yourself, take ownership of your innate power, and identify and update your beliefs about the Universe and how it works? BEYOND LIMITS will run for nine more Saturdays and this Saturday is the last day to join. In Takoma DC from 2- 5 p.m. This is the perfect next step for anyone new to the Center for Spiritual Living community as it is our foundational spirituality class. If you have taken the class before, THIS is an opportunity to refresh your knowledge of very useful principles and practices. Tuition is Pay What You Will.

Address: 7059 Blair Rd. NW metro: Takoma. Please rsvp to info@CSLDC.org

Please join us this Sunday at 11 a.m. to hear about HOW GOD WORKS THROUGH US. Talk by Reverend Michele Synegal. Music by Deletta Gillespie!
We meditate before service from 10- 10:45. All are welcome! Hyatt Place, 400 E Street SOUTHWEST

As someone who is invested in the Center for Spiritual Living, we want you to know our theme for 2019 – A Force for Good: Spirituality in Action. 2019 is a year of spiritual practice in action – inviting, empowering, and providing inspiration for us all to “pray and move our feet” — doing our part to create a world that works for everyone.

2019 Theme – A Force for Good: Spirituality in Action
January: Inspiration: Remaining Teachable
February: Oneness: Seeking our Common Good
March: Integrity: Being Truthful in Facts and Motives
April: Diversity: Promoting Diversity and Inclusion May: Compassion: Caring for the Poor
June: Empowerment: Protecting the Vulnerable
July: Creativity: Advocating for Freedom of Thought
August: Gratitude: Respecting all Nations & Peoples
September: Love: Stewarding our Planet
October: Unity: Cherishing the Human Family
November: Spirituality: Moral Leadership
December: Spiritual Connection: Celebrating our Many Faiths

some food for thought:

How do I feel about the race relationships in our community?
Am I in touch with the feelings that recent broadcasts and news items have brought to my awareness?
What have I noticed about myself through my reactions to these recent events?
Have I discovered some unforgiveness that I have?
Did I think that I had resolved issues only to have certain feelings triggered? Can I give examples of this?
Can I see more love and justice showing up in my world?
What would it take?
If I had my way, what would justice, equality and fairness look like in my world?
What’s my part in this?
What gifts do I have to offer?
What am I willing to become?

Adrian “Blu” Moore will also be part of the stars at our sister Center this Saturday