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Dear Friend in Spirit –

Prayer, in the common use of the word, is an act of communicating with God by speaking out loud or by silently using directed thought. Prayers can also be sung. Often the purpose of the communication is to ask for something for oneself or someone else: an outcome, a change in circumstances, an increase in possessions, awareness. Affirmative prayer is a specific type of prayer that departs from the idea of asking God to do anything on anyone’s behalf. Instead, affirmative prayer is a mental exercise one actively engages in to realign one’s thought with the true, good nature of Divine Reality. In this way, affirmative prayer is a practice of thoughtfully aligning with Reality by affirming it.
This Sunday New Thought Practitioner Terry Oliver will share her thoughts on Prayer. Musical Guest Patricio Zamorano returns to delight us with his songs.



Patricio Zamorano



We meditate before service from 10- 10:45. All are welcome!

On Sundays we are now at the Hyatt Place Hotel, located a couple of blocks behind the giant honeycomb building that is the Museum of the American Indian. The address is 400 E Street, SW. Metro: L’Enfant Plaza or Federal Center Southwest.

Street parking is free on Sundays in DC.

Would you like to vision with a group of spiritually-oriented friends for abundance? Our Saturday Mastermind Group in Takoma DC is deeply uplifting and we would love to have you with us.

We meet from 3-5 p.m. every Saturday at the Landis Building, directly behind the Takoma metro stop. Free parking Saturdays. Questions? Feel free to send an email to community@CSLDC.org

Circulation- Participating in the Natural Spiritual Order of Never Ending Flow

We are so grateful for your financial support here at the Center! It is the nature of the Divine One to simultaneously give and receive. By emulating this quality of inward and outward flow, we reveal our own true spiritual nature. Both our physical and emotional health thrive when we balance the acts of taking in and giving out. To understand why, just imagine inhaling without exhaling, or exhaling without inhaling. Donations are tax deductible and funds are used entirely for expenses approved by the Center’s Leadership Council. Thank you for helping us to uplift consciousness in the capital!






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