Expanding Our Practice

Expanding Our Practice


Dear Friend in Spirit,
This Sunday, join us at The Center for Spiritual Living DC as we once again ground ourselves in Spiritual Truths to uplift not only our own consciousness but the overall consciousness in the Nation’s capital as well!


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This Sunday, we shall receive an ENCOURAGEMENT from a guest – The Rev. Ōshin Jennings.
Rev. Ōshin Jennings, Hoshi, is a Deaf Zen Buddhist monk in the White Plum lineage of Soto Zen. Ōshin is a student of Enkyo O’Hara Roshi, Abbott of the Village Zendo, who named him a Dharma Holder/Assistant Teacher, in 2016. Ōshin serves as the Village Zendo’s representative on the Buddhist Council of New York, where he lives and works as a psychotherapist and artist. The focus of Ōshin’s research is where creativity, meditation, and psychological health meet. As possibly the first ever Deaf Zen Buddhist priest, Ōshin is a pioneer in, and frequent lecturer on, making the Buddhist teachings accessible to communities that traditionally have had limited access to the Dharma. As part of his vision of accessibility he founded No Barriers Zen to provide accessible meditation to the Greater Washington, D.C. area.


Rev. Oshin Jennings


Expanding your practice will be the topic Rev. Ōshin Jennings will present to the CSLDC family.

You are cordially invited to hear an ENCOURAGEMENT on this topic from a SPIRITUAL not RELIGIOUS perspective.


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Sahffi with guitar



With music by Sahffi.









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Heather Jones talking



With Power Talk by Licensed Practitioner Heather Jones.








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Prayers (one minute miracles) with any of our Licensed Practitioners.
Remember, your prayer requests can be made several ways:
1. In person to any of the Practitioners at service
2. Submitted via our website https://csldc.org/prayer-requests/
3. Via email to any specific practitioners or the whole of the Practitioner Core prayer@CSLDC.org
4. You can also write your request on one of the prayer request slips at service!


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Oprah has her Favorite things… and so does CSLDC
JOIN US for one of those Favorite things on December 17th Our Annual TALENT SHARE!!


Wanted You for Talent Show


Come out and share your light!! Let Larnzell or Rev. Ray know and you will be added to the list!
Thank you for all you do to make CSLDC an amazing place to be!

Together we Thrive


In case you haven’t seen Rev. Alex’s email announcement.
Our Center here in Washington, DC, has adopted Puerto Rico for the holidays. One of our members who is Puerto Rican and who is heading up our efforts. She was on the island during the storm and has emphasized to us that the organization ADELANTE is helping families in rural areas who are still struggling with getting their most basic needs met. I encourage you to visit their bilingual website at http://redfundacionespr.org

much love, (mucho cariño!), – Alex
p.s. for many on the island today is day 68 without electricity


Heart for Puerto Rico

Speak for Puerto Rico




Join us for our Sunday meditation (10 a.m.) and service (11 a.m.) both are at 7059 Blair Rd, NW.
Youth programs for ages 4-17 are available during the service.!
All are welcome
Cariños, Your CSLDC Family


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