Endings and Beginnings

Every end is a new beginning


Beloved Friend in Spirit –

What shall we leave in 2017? What shall we welcome in 2018? Who do WE want to be? Who do YOU want to be?

This Sunday we will engage in a fun ritual to release what no longer serves our highest good and embrace a lightness of being. I see for you a joyful, energetic body, a loving, compassionate heart and a mind that easily rests and easily focuses!

At the Center we offer unconditional love and non-judgment and seek to provide a place where we can together explore spiritual principles.

In addition to my Encouragement, this Sunday we’ll have Music by César Guarcax.

I hope you can join us! And please save the date for the Vision Board Playshop after service on January 7.

in gratitude, – Reverend Alex


Center for Spiritual Living DC