FlowerPlease join us this Thursday, April 13 @ 7 p.m. for Community Visioning by phone! Visioning is a wonderful spiritual practice that we use in our community to make sure that everything that we do is guided by Spirit. An amazing thing about visioning is that even if you are visioning for a community you always get tremendous personal benefit.

To join the call dial 712.775.7031. Access code 345-684#

This Sunday our ENCOURAGEMENT will be by Reverend Dr. Raymont Anderson. His topic is CHANGE. In his words:

You have changed and that change may have begun with a realization that you had been transferring, judging, blaming and having realized this you stepped into a transcendence of your experiences of pain and suffering as you eventually forgave, released, and transformed your life into a new conscious creation. This new level gave way to a transmogrification in which you may not have even realized the depth of your metamorphosis; it is here that you begin to experience Samadhi, that level of transfiguration that Moses and Yeshua demonstrated!

Yes you have changed . . . but who is the “you” that has changed?

Our music will be by Jen Patience Rowe.