Creating a Better Life

Creating a better life


Dear Friend in Spirit,
This Sunday, January 28th join us at The Center for Spiritual Living DC as we once again ground ourselves in the ageless wisdom of Spiritual Truths that we know will uplift our own consciousness as well as the overall consciousness of the Nation’s capital!




This Sunday, we shall receive an ENCOURAGEMENT from Rev. Alex.


Rev. Alex




Are you ready to transform your life for the better? As we come to know and appreciate our innate creative abilities and express ourselves from this place, we have more to share. With more to share, we find our connections with others are deeper and more abundant. Come hear an ENCOURAGEMENT this Sunday by Rev. Alex on how to more fully experience your unique creative nature.
You are cordially invited to hear an ENCOURAGEMENT on this topic from a SPIRITUAL not RELIGIOUS perspective.










Daletta Gillespie



With MUSIC by Deletta Gillespie.









power talk


Terry Oliver


Prayer Works


Ready to recommit to a New level of Prayer?
Prayers (one minute miracles) with any of our Licensed Practitioners.
Remember, your prayer requests can be made several ways:
1. In person to any of the Practitioners at service
2. Submitted via our website
3. Via email to any specific practitioners or the whole of the Practitioner Core
4. You can also write your request on one of the prayer request slips at service!


Coming Attractions




Foundations for Spiritual Living


Foundations of spiritual living


Saturdays at 2 PM – 4 PM beginning Saturday Jan 27, 2018
Give yourself the unequaled gift of eleven power-filled sessions that can transform your life.
Thrive in the supportive atmosphere of expansive creativity and total acceptance.
• Powerful practical tools for everyday miracles: Creative Thinking, Spiritual Mind Treatment (Affirmative Prayer), Meditation, Empowered Intentions, and much more
• A “you” far greater than you may realize
• Access to infinite possibilities…and the power of “Yes”
• Authentic expression of your purpose and gifts
• Your essential spirituality freed of superstition, guilt and fear
Tuition is $250, with a ten percent discount for members.
Payment can be made online at
Cost should not be a deterrent! Please see Reverend Alex to work out a payment or work/study plan if needed as well as audit options.

February Annual Member Meeting Feb. 18 after service


CSLDC Membership Logo


You are invited!
Open to all.
Come find out what we accomplished in 2017 and what we envision and plan for 2018.
If you are not yet a member and are curious to know more about membership you are encouraged to attend! For more information ask any of the leadership members
March Dinner for 8! – MARCH 10th


Dinner for 8


Introducing the first of many opportunities for Togetherness with your CSLDC family.
8 seats, 8 people, 1 great time together!
Get together to dine, converse, fellowship, and support your center all in one powerful evening! For more information call, email, or when visiting in person, ask one of the members of the core council or hospitality.
Stay tuned for the next one!


Making a CSLDC Difference!
We need you! Volunteers, Special skills, and more… Ask anyone on the core council for more details AND come to the annual member meeting in Feb.


Help wanted




Join us for our Sunday meditation (10 a.m.) and service (11 a.m.) both are at 7059 Blair Rd, NW.
Youth programs for ages 4-17 are available during the service.!
All are welcome
Cariños, Your CSLDC Family


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