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Dear Friend in Spirit,

This Sunday, March 25th join us at The Center for Spiritual Living DC as we come together once again to ground ourselves in the Spiritual Truths that we know will uplift not only our own consciousness but the overall consciousness in the Nation’s capital!




This Sunday, we shall receive an ENCOURAGEMENT from Rev. Alex.


Rev. Alex



When you give or receive how do you give or receive? New Thought teaches that allowing the Divine to flow through us (giving and receiving) enriches our lives. According to Ernest Holmes, (and to experience!) when we give with enthusiasm to any legitimate purpose and lose ourselves in our activity we most freely express joy.

You are cordially invited to hear an ENCOURAGEMENT on this topic from a SPIRITUAL not RELIGIOUS perspective.








Daletta Gillespie



With MUSIC by Deletta Gillespie.









power talk


Terry Oliver



With POWER TALK by Licensed Practitioner Terry Oliver.









Prayer Works


Ready to recommit to a New level of Prayer?
Prayers (one minute miracles) with any of our Licensed Practitioners.
Remember, your prayer requests can be made several ways:
1. In person to any of the Practitioners at service
2. Submitted via our website
3. Via email to any specific practitioners or the whole of the Practitioner Core
4. You can also write your request on one of the prayer request slips at service!


Plan ahead


March 25th Join us in Washington DC


March for our lives

Your Center is marching for PEACE this Saturday on the national mall. Join us in our parking lot at 11 a.m. and we will ride the metro together. Please bring a metro card with at least $7 pre-loaded on it to expedite travel time. You can leave your car in the lot at the center.
We have Black Lives Matter t-shirts available for $20 if you would like to wear one.




Join us for our Sunday meditation (10 a.m.) and service (11 a.m.) both are at 7059 Blair Rd, NW.
Youth programs for ages 4-17 are available during the service.!
All are welcome
Cariños, Your CSLDC Family


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