🎆 Waking Up! 🎇

Man doing Yoga in the middle of an active crowd.

We would do well to spend time examining our thoughts deeply, adjusting and fine tuning them as needed, to have us be in greater alignment with Truth. By doing so daily, we will conclude that we are whole, perfect, and complete. We will discover that we are as eternal and vast as the space that spans beyond the myriad universes, and anything is possible. We’ll embody the idea that in each and every person we meet, we are meeting and greeting our secret and unseen Self – the Self within all selves; none greater or lesser in whole or worth.

Together We Thrive

Join us this Sunday at 11 a.m. as Reverend Alex speaks on “Waking Up.”

We meditate before service from 10 – 10:45. All are welcome!

Provide spiritual tools for personal and global transformation.

to awaken humanity to its spiritual magnificence.

A world that works for everyone.

Meditation & service every Sunday at 7059 Blair Road, NW. Metro: Takoma. Free parking on Sundays

If you have made a donation recently, thank you! We need your assistance to continue providing spiritual tools for personal and global transformation. The Center for Spiritual Living is a 501(c)3. This means that any gifts you make to your spiritual home (if we are your spiritual home!) are tax deductible. Since 2013 we have been offering classes, weekly Sunday services and meditation and sending teens to camp. There is no doubt that we are a powerful force for good in what many consider to be the most powerful city in the world. Are you able to send a end of year donation? Thank you so much!

To donate, please visit www.CSLDC.org

Checks can be sent to
Center for Spiritual Living, 7059 Blair Rd NW, WDC 20012

Man holding giant Christmas ornament

For the holidays, we are partnering with TERRIFIC Inc., a 40 year old 501(c)3 nonprofit tax-exempt housing and support service organization. Daily, TERRIFIC plans and delivers direct-care senior and caregiver services. This holiday season we will be supporting Multi-Generational Families. DeAnna Nara has found three families that have these requests:
1. The Petris family would like a coat for their 16 year old daughter
2. The Blackwell family would like coats, hats, gloves, a doll & legos for their boy & girl, ages five & six
3. The Holley family would like coats, puzzles, dolls, games & toys for their girls ages one and five and their boys ages six, 11 and 14. Their 11 year old son would also like books.
Please contact DeAnna (DeAnnaNara@yahoo.com / 240.315.3778) with any questions & feel free to bring gifts to service through the end of the year. !Gracias!