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Together we thrive

Dear Friend of the Center!

Every day at Center for Spiritual Living we take the time to celebrate our abundance, and that starts with our community. Our community, including you, are the heart and soul of the Center and make our contribution to the world possible. Today, more than ever, we celebrate and honor who we are and what is possible as we move through the rest of 2020 together. We are at a critical juncture and we ask you to please donate to the Center if you are being spiritual fed here.

Our Center for Spiritual Living stands with people all around the world who are advocating for justice, equity, inclusion, and peace. We are motivated by our vision of a world that works for everyone and, therefore, we affirm that Black Lives Matter. Not only do Black Lives Matter, but according to our teaching, they are sacred. If you agree with our vision please visit our website to send us some much needed funds. As a nonprofit organization incorporated in Washington DC we pay bank, government, accounting, administrative and marketing expenses to continue evolving our beloved Center and sharing New Thought teachings globally.

Abro la puerta a la abundancia

Encendamos, por tanto, la vela del amor, la bondad humana, el perdón y la comprensión en nuestra alma, y dejemos que brille con fuerza. No miremos a la oscuridad, preocupados porque es tan premonitoria y desconocida. Más bien permanezcamos firmes en el resplandor de esa Luz Espiritual de la Verdad dentro de nosotros mismos. Mantengámonos en guardia para que los vientos de la malicia, los propósitos cruzados, la ignorancia o los malentendidos no apaguen la Luz. Vivamos cada día de tal manera que la Luz de nuestra vela de Conocimiento Espiritual sea siempre clara y comprendida, no sólo por nosotros mismos sino por todos aquellos con los que entremos en contacto.

Provide spiritual tools for personal and global transformation.

to awaken humanity to its spiritual magnificence.

A world that works for everyone.